Digital composite


A couple of weeks ago I got an email from a lawyers office. I know what you’re thinking “Ooh somebody sued me right”, well wrong. They asked me if I could create a couple of profile pictures for their website. I said sure why not. They also asked me to create a group shot but

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Enno Voorhorst


Yesterday 5 march 2015 We had the privilage to film and photograph Enno Voorhorst gitar concert in Thalia. It was a unique concert. Enno Voorhorst blew the crowd away. It was a full house. The organisation behind the show is “Stichting Gitaristenkring Suriname” If you don’t know who Enno Voorhorst is, here is a little

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The Peers


It was tuesday and I had a chat with “Jeet” a colleague of mine. we were talking about work when suddenly the theme changed to what we do besides DBA (Database Administrator). I told him that besides DBA I also do photography and videography. And so we spoke and he asked me if I could

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